Cottonier: From Cockpit to Camera Strap

Cottonier: From Cockpit to Camera Strap

The Remarkable Story behind the Fabric.

Few fabric can boast such a fascinating story as Cottonier. Originating in England in 1930s, Cottonier was used exclusively in the Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot jumpsuit during World War II to save pilots lives.

Cottonier was used as a make-shift fire hose and water buckets at the height of the conflict, in a testament its water-tight performance.

As the country’s last line of defense, the RAF were engaged in extensive battles over the North Sea, suffering heavy casualties in the process. In a bid to protect its pilots, the RAF chose Cottonier for its new generation of pilot jumpsuits. Not only were they comfortable to wear, but their water-tight and thermal insulating property proved crucial in protecting the pilots from hypothermia & drowning in the icy waters.

Moreover, being natural, uncoated fabric, Cottonier jumpsuit is soft & quiet. It does not rustle and make noise, giving downed pilots behind enemy’s line better chance to evade detection.

With superior performance, Cottonier continued to gain popularity after the war. Today, Cottonier remains the fabric of choice for armed forces around the world and is produced exclusively in Switzerland.

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