What makes Cottonier Special?

Why Cottonier?

The Secret Behind its Phenomenal Performance

Developed in 1930s, and later used as the mainstay of modern pilot jumpsuit,
Cottonier is a high performance natural fabric with fascinating origin.

Made from rare and highly prized fibre: The Extra Long Stable Cotton Fibre is found in only 2% of the world cotton production today.
Its extremely fine and long fibre allows the production of exceptionally smooth, fine yarn.

Woven together, it forms an extremely fine & dense fabric.
The tightly packed structure create minute pores that keeps liquid out while still allowing moisture to escape.
This unique structure creates a natural waterproof but breathable barrier,
ensuring maximum comfort even in wet, windy conditions.

Being a natural fibre fabric, Cottonier is extremely durable, able to maintain its properties  touch and comfort along with excellent

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