Leather: Classic Material, Perfected


A Classic Material, Perfected.

Amongst in humankind’s history, no other material can boast such a rich origin as the humble leather. Discovered since stone age, leather has been a mainstay of material throughout history. Its durability and versatility give is an enduring appeal.

In honouring leather’s rich heritage, Aeskimo meticulously developed and select only the finest and most durable leather.

This begins with cowhide, which forms the basis of our leater. We only source specific hide breed from South America, Europe & Japan. This ensure that our tannery only works with large, thick and pristine cowhide. Next, working closely with experienced tannery, we develop a soft, supple leather specifically for our products. Using environmentally-friendly agents, our leather are free from toxic heavy metal. Tanned and gently spunned to create unique texture, our leather have been created to soft, supple yet highly durable. You can be sure that all our leather products will perform througout its life.

“Durability and Versatility are the Cornerstone that gave Leather its Enduring Appeal. ”

Large, pristine hide from specific breed is used as the basis of the leather.

Leather is tanned using environmentally friendly agent, leaving no toxic heavy metal.

Leather is treated with custom-mixed colour and sheared to give a fine finish.

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