First Aid

Having trouble? Help is at hand! You can find simple cures to most of your Aeskimo's hiccups right here. No PhD. required!

Flap's Velcro doesn't work anymore

You may have dirt or lint stuck on the velcro pads. Try cleaning the velcro pads with sharp needle and remove as much dirt and lint as possible.

Buckle Up! or Strap Up! system jammed / My strap doesn't move

The strap maybe jammed in the mechanism. Inspect the strap at both entry point to see if is twisted. Gently pull the twisted section of the strap away from the mechanism (not through it!). You may want to you use small metal ruler to help you untwist the strap.

Can't adjust my strap length even though I lifted the Cam Buckle lever up

The Cam Buckle in LittleAive and BigAive comes equipped with double lock feature to prevent accidental strap slip. To adjust your strap, lift the buckle lever up to the maximum height (almost vertical) while pulling the strap at the same time.

My strap length keeps varying, sometime too long, sometime too short

Ensure that you always secure the waist strap to its receptor everytime after use. The extra length comes from the waist strap being allowed to run all the way into the mechanism.

Can't find / open the Accessory Compartment on LittleAive

Accessory Compartment can be accessed through a concealed opening at the back of main compartment. Simply push the base of the flap away from your body to open the Accessory Compartment.

How to use KeyLine

Slide your keychain onto the plastic lock to secure it to the bag. Put the keychain in the side pocket to store. To remove the keychain, hook your finger onto the keychain strap to lift it out of the pocket. Use your thumb to lift latch up and slide the keychain out.

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