Our Promise

At Aeskimo, we care about you and the quality you receive from our products. That’s why every Aeskimo you adopt is covered by our 1 year limited warranty against any defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Provided that your Aeskimo bag stayed within reasonable use (no trial by fire please!), we will take care of every injury that he's got, its on us! And when he's all well and back to health, we will send him right back to you, ready for the second round! Just remember to have that purchase receipt handy when contacting us!


If your Aeskimo is injured through normal use within 1 year of the original purchase, please accept our sincere apology. We are going to get on the case immediately and make things right. Just follow these simple steps below to begin the healing process:

1. Download and complete our S.O.S Form
2. Send your injured Aeskimo, postage paid, to us with the following:
– The bag itself
– The completed S.O.S Form
– A copy of purchasing receipt
3. On receiving your Aeskimo, we will contact you with our assessment. As long as your Aeskimo meets our warranty conditions, we will take care of him, free of charge.
4. Once he is back to health and ready for action again, we will send him on his way home, first class all the way!

Note: Postal date will be use to determine warranty validity. If your Aeskimo has been determined not to be covered by warranty (either because it is over a year old or adjudged to be damaged through abnormal use), we may ask to charge you for the cost of repair and return postage.Aeskimo accepts no responsibility for loss or damages to the bag during ship- ping.

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